A very warm greetings to every esteemed reader who has either embarked or is looking forward to joining the magnificent journey of knowledge with me on the wheels. As I welcome each and every unique, curious and introspective brain on board, let me assure you that this would be a very fruitful journey which will culminate in a glowing lamp of knowledge and confidence lit in every heart. Because henceforth all my endeavours will be directed towards building and strengthening the virtues of goodness, knowledge, strength of character, affable personality, fearless soul and capacity to step into the world with elan amongst my students. Amicable work conditions, accommodating student teacher interpersonal relations, secure environment, technology driven teaching learning approach, sportive and supportive co-curricular and extracurricular learning and an ever thirsty quest to explore, discover and learn amongst students is my topmost priority. My pen echoes the sentiments of my entire A P Sen family as we all in the teaching as well as nonteaching staff join hands to work cordially and affectionately to provide to our students an environment of healthy mental growth in a sustainable development of personality. Discipline, punctuality and hard work will be cherished, nurtured and applauded above all. May the Almighty God help me and my college family to attain the dream journey.
Prof. Rachana Srivastava