Academic Calendar            
Annual Academic Calendar 2017 -18
1. 7th July to 31st July -Admissions 
2.17th July Academic Session Begins 
3. 9th August NCC Enrollment 
4.1st to 14th August NSS Registration 
5. 15th August - Independence Day Celebrations 
6. 22nd  August Saurabh Manch Election 
7. 30th August  Welcome Party 
8. 11th to 16th September Guest Lectures by various Departments
9. 14th September Hindi Diwas
10. 2nd October Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 
11. 9th to 14th October Guest Lectures by various  Departments 
12. 14th October Parents Teachers Meeting 
 13. 20th October A.P.Sen Jayanti
14. 11th November Picnic 
15. 14th November  Sports Day
16. 15th November Anand Mela
17. 16th to 19th November  Vivdha Inter Collegiate Competitions
18. 26th November Constitution Day 
19. 4th to 9th December Internal Assessment 
20. 24th December Annual Day
21. 13th January Alumni Meet 
22. 21st January Basant Panchami Celebration
23. 26th January Republic Day Celebration
24. Farewell party Last week of February